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The Ark

285 Farrellton Rd.

Denholm, QC

August 20, 2022

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True Single Track Trail Racing... the way it was meant to be.

Mica Run 3k, 5k and 10k Trail Race

This is a run "For the Dogs", not a run done "with" dogs

Welcome to the second annual Mica Run (for the dogs).

This is 3k, 5k or 10k trail running event here at The Ark. There is nothing "fancy" about this race.

There are no obstacles (other than the standard roots, rocks, ups, downs, lefts and rights).

There is no forced beer consumption (although there will be post race beverages for sure).

You don't need to predict your time. It's simply running on some of the finest, most "trail-like" trails in eastern Ontario.

** Please leave your dogs at home

Choose Your Distance. Choose Your Challenge.





Why is it called the "Mica Run"?

It's kinda ironic that my race series is called the "Mad Trapper" because I would never trap an animal in my life!

I'm a huge animal lover and an even bigger dog lover.

For the past few years, Monique and I have been rescuing, fostering and adopting dogs.

I adopted/rescued my first dog ever, "Grandpa Fred" back in 1995, from the Frisco Animal Shelter in Colorado.

Once we had all this land here in Quebec, and such a big home here at The Ark, the floodgates started to open when Willy, the bicycle-hating Labradane made his appearance.

And now... we have 5 dogs here!

Fred (grandson of Grandpa Fred), Willy ("2 days from euthanization" Labradane), Charlie ("lost my home in a tornado" Basset Hound), Buddy ('pulled my previous owner off her feet" Basset Hound) and Roxy (the super insecure and neurotic Great Pyrenese).

I have been working closely with a local animal rescue, Les Anges Gardiens des Animaux and through them learning just how many dogs locally need our help every day.

The Ark is pretty much "at capacity" when it comes to dogs and although we are still here for "emergency fosters", the most help I can provide now is financial assistance to Les Anges Gardiens and other organizations like them.

Sadly we lost the namesake of this race, Mica, to cancer on May 10, 2019.... that was a super tough loss for me.

So to keep her memory alive and to potentially help other dogs like Mica, the "Mica Run" is born.


Covid Precautions - TBA

Updates will be posted here closer to the date if necessary

Are You Mad Enough?

Apparently road running is bad for your bones!

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